How To Earn

Earn & Share Program

Once you visit the advertiser website from your member panel you will be rewarded with the earning points. We have 2 types of earning points.

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Promo Earning Program

This Earning program works on basis of barter System. You visit the Advertiser Website and help advertise to grow their business you will get rewarded as a promo earning points.

Why We Start Promo Earning Points. The concept is very simple to promote others promote you. You can redeem the promo earning points to spend by Create campaigning for your own / friends website and help to earn traffic on your website.

Paid Earning Program

Advertisers pays us, we pay to you.

As you know the advertisement field is very big and advertisers are busy to make the products / provide services. They don't have too much time to spend their time to earn the Barter Earning Points and start the campaign on our website.

They Paid us for generating unique Traffic / Visitor/ Customer. You are the biggest assets of Without your help we are nothing. Once Advertiser pays us for the unique traffic on their we can share our profit with you. This is the Paid Earning Program.

You can see the how much you will get in your promo / paid account once you visit the advertiser website from your member panel.

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Ad Finder Program

Your Network is your Power

This program is specially designed for those who have the Product / Services Selling marketing skills. Become our Ad Finder Agent (AFA) and Earn the referral commission after providing us the Paid Advertisement Company.

You will earn between 5% to 15% based on our Ad Finder Program. Your Ad Finder Commission will credit in your Paid Earning account. You do not pay anything to become our AFA.